Our experience has been that MOST customers use only a small amount of backup space. As such, we believe that customers should pay for the amount they use, rather than a “One price for unlimited space” plan. In these unlimited plans, the majority of the users end up paying for the handful of users with a lot of storage space.

In addition – these prices may look higher than some unlimited plans. That’s because this is a MANAGED Backup service. What that means is that we monitor your backup status and can help if there is a backup failure or other problems. With most unlimited plans, you are responsible to make sure your backup is working properly.

We have recently broken our service into a Residential and a Business plan. If you have multiple users and a fair amount of data, you may prefer the Business plan as it includes multiple users at no extra cost. Alternatively, if you are a small business with a small amount of data, a Residential plan may better meet your needs.

The pricing shown in the charts below are MONTHLY costs. However, Residential plans are billed every 3 months, while Business plans are billed annually.

Updated Pricing Chart

If you need pricing for different amounts than what is listed, please ask! These are provided as sample pricing for our service.


Mobile Backup

Perhaps the most important add-on is the addition of Mobile Backups. Each Android or IOS device that you want to back up costs only $1.00 per month, and uses the storage in the plan you have purchased.


Many households will want to just have one plan to cover all the machines. However, if you prefer to have each user manage their own account, you add additional users to your account for only $0.50 per month.

Video Streaming

If you back up your own videos with our service, you can also stream them to ANY device by logging into your web-based dashboard. This option is available for only $0.50 per month.

Artificial Intelligence – INCLUDED

With our AI System, you are able to search for a variety of items within your backed up files. Want to find all the pictures of your Aunt Muriel? Using the AI you can click on ONE picture of Aunt Muriel, and the system will search and show you all other pictures in the backup that match. Want to find items related to your pet cat? Type in “Cat” and find all pictures and documents that refer to cats. When you have thousands of documents and photos, this can be a huge time saving device.

Software As A Service (SAAS) – INCLUDED

SAAS allows you to connect other online storage accounts to your backup. Connect your Google Drive, One Drive, Instagram, or more and be able to access those files from your online dashboard. This also is another layer protection for YOUR data. If something causes one of these other services to crash, even for a short while, you still can access the files that are backed up. Please note that connecting these service WILL utilize space in your storage plan, so please plan accordingly.

Hybrid Backup – INCLUDED

Our Hybrid Backup option, included in the cost, allows you to backup your data BOTH to the cloud as well as a local storage device. The advantage of this option is that it gives yet another backup for extra protection. In addition, it allows for an even faster recovery of data should you need to restore files, as you can restore from a local drive instead of a cloud based storage. You would of course need to pay for the external drive itself, but our software will provide this backup at no extra cost.